Modern Marriage



62 pp, 230 x 163 x 13 mm

Technical Specification

Signed and numbered edition of 100 copies; printed on offset lithograph from larger original lino cut prints; with screen print wrap around dustcover on 120 gms off white cartridge paper and case- bound.


Artist’s Statement

A Modern Marriage is the final part of a trilogy of works by Fernando Feijoo. Inspired by William Hogarth’s A Rake’s Progress, A Harlot’s Progress and Marriage a la Mode, the eternal stories of money, corruption, dissolution, crime and redemption are firmly rooted in the twenty first century.

The text aims to give a perspective on London life, its mores and values, by using rhythms from modern music, with allusions through slang and with publishing references. The words create a broad narrative, influenced by the original story but departing from this in order to locate Crack, Charlie and Tara in contemporary Britain. The words are part of the overall picture and form the columns and text shapes that complement the image.

Hogarth, in his titles, generalised his characters to types – a Rake, a Harlot etc., but for this modern version not only were actual names given, but very specific details were created in the texts, hence the use of word play: Crack and Charlie make links to drugs and Spike the dog implies multiple meanings of violence. This is in the spirit of Hogarth who had Earl Squanderfield for his Marriage a la Mode – a clear link to the father of Crack, Charlie and Tara. He lives in a ‘faux’ mansion placed incongruously in the countryside.