Cracks Progress / Charlies Progress


44 pp, 243 x 220 x 23 mm


Technical Specification

Signed and numbered edition of 50 copies; printed as a dos a dos artist book on Somerset velvet on 300 gms paper via offset lithograph from larger original lino cut prints and case bound.
Printed and bound by the artist in Cambridge, United Kingdom with text by Pat Francis.


Artist’s Statement

Two modern narratives based on Hogarth’s Rake’s Progress and Harlot’s Progress which have been re illustrated as contemporary tales in a 21st century context. These two stories are the prequels to a Modern Marriage and we see how the events of that story have been arrived at. In all three narratives there are subtexts, word play and metaphors for the world and its undercurrents of eternal themes of greed, addiction, corruption, love and loss.


Prize winning book at the Design a Book of Fables set by the Fine Press Book Association 2004