Fernando Feijoo


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Journey Man

JOURNEYMAN was inspired by a surreal dream many years ago. With references to the artist’s own experiences, but also in the spirit of the universal idea of the journeyman, it nods to everyman/everyperson. The labyrinth represents the twists and turns and blind alleys of modern life and reflects our confusion and despairs at decisions to be made, paths to take. Choices made are in our power, but we can fall foul of authorities, beliefs, expectations and desires. With poignant use of symbolism, the jelly fish has babies and these both rescue, and are cared for by the journeyman. There is love and there are safety nets and the journeyman is like a dream catcher: but there is also the dominant theme of life’s excitements, fears and dangers. A story that does not end: it evolves with whatever the times we live in.

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