Gods & Monsters

A large format alphabet book illustrating the surreal creatures and spiritual powers of the mighty legendary Gods and mythical beasts from the underworld. The works were inspired from several sources including Tales from Ovid Metamorphose, Greek Mythology and childhood memories or these surreal narratives and the fantasy they created in my own mind.

Common themes are explored including the passage of life with lovers rising to the heavens and demons dragging sinners deep into the decent of hell. The creation of the universe by the powerful Gods is represented through a narrative series of black and white prints which illustrate good versus evil and the narrative conquests and encounters of love, seduction and betrayal.

A combination of lino and wood cut printing techniques complement one another giving rich textural patterns and expressive mark making creating powerful visual imagery. Negative space plays an important role in giving importance to key elements within the design format of this book.


Artist book with original lino cut, wood block & screen prints

Paper Size:

54 x 36 cm (W x H)



Limited edition:

10 copies


Hand printed and bound by the artist onto Somerset velvet 250gms archival paper