FUTURE – this work was created in a time of great uncertainty: there is an unease which pervades all areas of society.

With the world’s superpowers challenging each other and strutting like boxers in a heavy weight contest, parallels are seen between Kim Jong-un and Trump and Putin. Who will nuke the world first?
Who uses nerve agents to poison one man, while potentially many are caught in the collateral? Greed dominates: power corrupts. Myths are referenced – who is burnt by flying too close to the sun?

Global communication systems spread knowledge or fakery, rumour or subversion. With chilling resonances, this work reflects the times we live in, whenever that is.


Lino cut

work size:

28 x 38 cm (W x H)



Limited edition:

15 copies

Hand printed and bound by the artist onto Somerset velvet 250gms archival paper: