Fernando Feijoo


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Printmaking Today

Illustration by Fernando Feijoo is used in this copy of Printmaking Today which examines artists influenced by the artist William Hogarth

Ambit 195

Fernando’s illustrations appear in this copy of Ambit. These prints were created in collaboration with artist Chis Pig. They are based upon the different types of alcoholic drinks and the type of person you might associate with that drink. The effects of each drink are also examined.

Ambit 186

Cracks Progress illustrations by Fernando Feijoo used within this copy of Amibit

Inspiring Writing in Art & Design: Taking a line for a write by Pat Francis

Fernando’s illustartions were used within this book which looks at useful ways to help Art students with creative writing within education


Special review on the Political / Poetical 14th Tallin Print Triennial

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