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FUTURE – this work was created in a time of great uncertainty: there is an unease which pervades all areas of society. With the world’s superpowers challenging each other and strutting like boxers in a heavy weight contest, parallels are seen between Kim Jong-un and Trump and Putin. Who will nuke the world first? Who uses nerve agents to poison one man, while potentially many are caught in the collateral? Greed dominates: power corrupts. Myths are referenced – who is burnt by flying too close to the sun? Global communication systems spread knowledge or fakery, rumour or subversion. The artist makes cultural nods to David Bowie and others and shows that popular music, which pervades every nation, is manipulated to mesmerize the populations of the world. With chilling resonances, this work reflects the times we live in, whenever that is, and whatever little details may appear to change.  The Future is…

Journey Man

JOURNEYMAN was inspired by a surreal dream many years ago. With references to the artist’s own experiences, but also in the spirit of the universal idea of the journeyman, it nods to everyman/everyperson. The labyrinth represents the twists and turns and blind alleys of modern life and reflects our confusion and despairs at decisions to be made, paths to take. Choices made are in our power, but we can fall foul of authorities, beliefs, expectations and desires. With poignant use of symbolism, the jelly fish has babies and these both rescue, and are cared for by the journeyman. There is love and there are safety nets and the journeyman is like a dream catcher: but there is also the dominant theme of life’s excitements, fears and dangers. A story that does not end: it evolves with whatever the times we live in.

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Project RUN


Run is an exploration of the sayings and expressions inspired by contemporary life. Machines are taking over and we are being run by them. With minds of their own and with features strangely like ours, with their big eyes, sharp teeth and weird distorted humour, we can see glimpses of how the media runs the news, how politicians run and ruin lives, and how fake news runs away with the facts. Steroid fuelled rockets power their way, running through lives, and sending the humans running for cover. Corruption runs through every vein and artery. Big bosses manipulate the workforce. Deception rules: rulers run riot. So, who controls who? Who is running the show?


A Modern Marriage Book

This book is inspired by William Hogarth’s Marriage a la Mode. The story has been re-written & illustrated in a contemporary 21st century context

Contemporary Street Alphabet Book

Book of street characters

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